October 22, 2007
Blazed glaze
in a daze
eyes blurred
in a haze
Feet pacing
heart racing
turned around
mind retracing
Flashes of light
of what is right
never knowing
i just might
In the end fail
drained and pale
wondering in circles
off the trail
lost in hell
in the past i dwell
covered by lies
that never tell
why the heart tore
behind closed doors
always craving
love life and more
Looking to the sky
just one last high
my life a mess
the pain i deny
So i come down
buried under ground
shh be quit
no more sound
Rest the tiered eyes
no more lies
in a world
where no one dies
Just six feet deep
too bad i forgot
to sew what i reap
Face my worst fear
to lose those dear
I'm left to suffer
dropping the knife
to save my life
From reality
everything seems
an endless dream
never ending
It's all a delusion
my life an illusion
somebody help
I'm lost in confusion.

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