October 22, 2007
Why do birds fly
While we sit around
Collecting burdens

Birds fly around without a care
We hold our heads high, proud, vain
While birds hold theirs down
Searching for food is a strain

Confidence, beauty, loyalty
Torn down by others
While birds’ elegance, beauty, pride
Supported and cherished forever

Like Maya Angelou I know
Why the caged bird sings
It longs for freedom
As joyous and lovely it seems
It waits

The song happy then sad
Like life
Until the day arrives where
Its soul is lifted
Higher and higher
As our people grow
Heavy and heavy

We all long for freedom
Some more than others
Until that final day
Where we turn into birds
Carefree, joyous, lifted by our wings
And are taken to meet our maker
As free as we can be

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