Ethereal dagger plunges

October 22, 2007
By Shawn Gaskill, Muncie, IN

Ethereal dagger plunges

Centered on my self

My whole body lunges

To the light that's only felt

I can't help but think and feel
My heart is cold and quick
My deep scream that sounds so shrill
Akin to bringing flame to the wick

I'm terrified of my own will
And what my mind has to say
I hate to know that it's real
Because it just won't go away

Subconsciously I'm clawing
Get the thing out of my chest
But the fact is I am falling
Into dark obsessed

Each time it's so much worse
I feel the pain as if it's real
It cannot put me in a hearse
But can this pain really heal?

There's one thing about my life
that you will undoubtedly see
Immortal Strife
Never Kill Me

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