I ain't no talkin doll

October 22, 2007
By ignominy SILVER, Jamesville, New York
ignominy SILVER, Jamesville, New York
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I be saying
what I feels like
when I feels like
to who I feels like
and I don be
following orders
or nuthin like that
I ain't your plaything
I ain't your lil' toy
don be sayin
thoses order-orders
no this no that
don this or that
I slouch if is
what I wanna do
so don be yellin
oh yous don like me?
I talk real weird?
well so do yous
all clear and orderly
cross your own legs
I'm comfortable
this way
this way this way
and i don care bout
your prissy plans
and your prissy rules
and I don wanna
lissun to yous
I'm not tryin
to win no prizes
no prizes and
I couldn if I tried
miss and missus
and mister sir
I don care what
title I get
what's fool
mean anyways?
if it don mean nuthin to me
than why be bothered like?
I don need your pricey
lil' warnins
or threatenins
theys no use to me
Where did yous get?
teachin the likes of me
your prissy stuffs
or tryin anyways
good luck wit th' othas
cause I'm leavin

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