I Wanna Be Free

May 31, 2010
By bblz22 PLATINUM, Owasso, Oklahoma
bblz22 PLATINUM, Owasso, Oklahoma
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Favorite Quote:
"When you feel like giving up, remember why you held on for so long in the first place." -Anonymous

Again, things being
Forced inside,
Again, your
Spirit has died.

Wanting to let
Them all see
Wanting just
To be free.

Not wanting them to
Just stand and stare
Wanting them to
Actually care.

Wanting to
Feel love,
Not just
Another shove.

You don’t want to
Push them away,
But having to put
A mask on every day.

Can get old
Very fast.
Not wanting to
Face your past.

Wanting others
To realize,
To see what you have seen,
Through your eyes.

You don’t want them
To wonder why
That everytime
You cry,

Your just
Very sad.
You don’t wanna do
Something bad.

You have seen
So much pain,
Watch as the
Tears fall like rain.

Deep down, you
Have a big wound,
Hoping one day
It will be found.
So you can let
Out your sound.

You have been
Hurt so much,
You flinch at
A simple touch.

You want someone
You can trust,
You have been served
So much unjust.

You give it
All your best,
Everyday seems
Like a new test.

Your heart should
Be hardened
So many things
Gone unpardoned.

Pwoplw waiting for
The day you explode
From carrying your
Super heavy load.

Can’t you
People see,
If you will
Hear my plea
I just wanna
Be me!!!
So, will you
Let me go free?


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