Coming Clean

October 22, 2007
As i wander around of hours such,
I notice things that others cannot comprehend,
of kids around causing pain to themselves,
and wounds more than skin deep, are too hard to mend.
I feel their pain, surrounding as I pass,
or swallowing me whole as I conversate.
All saddness and darkness, no light at all.
As death only seems favorable.
But not only them are swallowed by such,
As I feel the same.
Cannot take this world much more,
There's no point to anything, no meaning of my name.
I understand their hurt, their pain,
Crying helps, music more,
But secretly we all want to be saved,
from such sorrow, pain, suffering and judgement,
As we say we bleed black and drown in our tears.
Just save us, take me from here.
Most cannot understand,
and walk away,
As they cut the very string i hand from,
My silent scream finally heard,
But is on scream too late,
As I fall so gracefully, and crash to the floor,
I die alone,
But the very last breath I take,
I hope you can comprehend,
Comprehend my mind,
Accept me for who I am,
Just save us, Rewind.

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