Words to Know

October 22, 2007
By Ashley Bordenave, Brooklyn, NY

The smile on my face isn’t
Because I am happy
I’ve experienced
The best thing given to us:
Is the ability to look back
And be able to move forward

Death could only stop me once
But it has to grab hold of me first
Life doesn’t simply stop
Death is an inevitable phenomenon
But…life is a state of mind
If you believe in it
It can keep you here forever

What makes us strong is not our strengths but
Learning what our weakness are and
Conquer them
The road is never blocked or closed
You could only stop and think
Should I stay or should I go?
Venture on into the future and face life

A fond memory
Is easily replaced
A devastating and painful memory
Always stays with you
A constant reminder of who you were
It’s what will mold you into who you will become
It is the darkness that most moves us
The struggles of life
Keeps us going toward our possibilities
And make them our reality

To say the words that could stop
Your world and turn it upside down
Is brave
But to say it without true understanding
Is reckless and consequential

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