In Reality

October 22, 2007
I am you
And you are me
Are we truly all that different
In reality?

You have brown skin
And I have white
Your eyes are dark
And mine are light

Of two different nations
Are we all just not
God’s wonderful creations?

What’s different?
My beliefs?
Your personality?
But then again
Are we truly all that different
In reality?

So what if you speak
A tongue I don’t understand?
So what if where you call home
Is a very far land?

Are you not a living, breathing
Human being?
Are we not both trying so hard
To preserve our well-being?

Both of us
Filled with love, courage, wonder, and spirituality
But then are we really all that different
In reality?

I think not
What we both seek
Is simple recognition
To find ourselves
A true definition

For whom we are
Today and tomorrow
To finally let go of this
Building sorrow

To be finally free
Leave this cage and
Swim far out to sea

It will happen, you’ll see
One day
It will
But for now
Just peace
Just until

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Anagam said...
Jul. 14, 2011 at 8:58 pm


we're all one :)))

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