Window of My Soul

May 13, 2010
By shlby_davidson BRONZE, Bostic, North Carolina
shlby_davidson BRONZE, Bostic, North Carolina
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I search for you in the dark
Your eyes are my quest
My fingers feel only air

Suddenly I’m filled with bliss
My expedition must now come to an end
Warmth fills my soul and light pervades my sight

But alas! This cannot be so!
Emptiness surrounds me and my eyes accept the blackness
My hands frantically hunt for the one that I know best

The purest water fills my eyes and pleasure leaves me lonely
Anger fills its place and I release its pressure into the air
You left me you fool! I am alone in this dark!

Guilt sends chills up my spine and once again I long for you
Suddenly the sun beams brightly on my shoulders
I look up to see you staring into my face

Swiftly my feet trail toward the ray of the sun
I gladly leave the darkness and follow your smile
I raise the sill and step into your heart

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on Jun. 29 2010 at 4:06 pm
Wow!  This is a very intnense and emotional poem!  You really expressed the feelings of the narrator vividly.  I can tell you will be a successful poem writer!

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