October 22, 2007
By Emily Liebert, Reston, VA

Secrets, secrets, are no fun,
Unless I am a part of one.

Faithfully yours, another lie,
Us ‘together,’ another disguise.

It’s obvious we weren’t meant to be,
You were right, you’re not good enough for me.

I know that it’s vocabulary you despise,
Shall I explain to you, what monogamy implies?

Don’t call on me for favors; I’m not your toy,
You’ve got a new girlfriend to annoy.

You’re 18, hardly older than me,
Hopefully one day you’ll grow in maturity.

One is the loneliest number, you’ll find out soon,
I’ve felt it before, but now I’m immune.

It took me too long to see that you’re a fake,
You have become my biggest mistake.

What a shame, you didn’t bother to stay,
So I could tell you, my secret of the day.

I wasn’t honest with you, I led you astray,
Truth be told, I never loved you anyways.

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