I know I hurt your feelings

October 22, 2007
By Chris Mathis, Tulare, CA

I know I hurt your feelings
and broke your heart
But remember I wasn't all
bad from the start
I was once a kind kid
with no sense of aggression
Now regretting the crimes I did
Im learning my lesson
I used to be shy back in elementary
Then I was that guy headed towards penatentary
Life could of been easy
If I did what you said
I caught my self heading down a path,
soon to be dead.
I know life wasn't easy
trying to raise two kids
I want you to know im thankful
for everything you did.
I used to get high scores
and win silver medals
now I rob stores
and hang out in the gettos.
I used to be a sweet kid
with no harmful intent
but now im seen as always guilty
and never innocent.
I used to be happy
givin my family's trust
now I'm looked at
with a grim look of disgust.
Its all my fault
I'm looked at this way
But now im changing
It will all be ok.
Its all my fault
I am to blame
Here I am hanging
my head in shame
It's all my fault
I played life like a game
But when I get out
things wont be the same

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