A Hidden Tear-Stained Face

June 2, 2010
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And running, running; fast, so fast,
And not a look up to the sky.
A love, a love; again is gone,
She acts as if she’d rather die.
And crying, crying; tears and tears,
Her eyes will never stop, or close
Her stare, her stare; so beam through stone,
But she won’t look to one who knows.

And running, running; fast, so fast,
The tears are all but frozen stones
That break, and make them all give way
To crying pain, to sighs and moans.
And fighting, fighting; no one can know,
She will not let her pain go free.
Her pride, what pride! To hold, and hold
Them from herself, her friends, and me.

And running, running; fast, so fast.
But oh, she wants to halt and stop.
A net, a rope; a knot, a noose.
And there she hangs now, from the top.
And tearing, tearing; hearts and hearts,
Of those who loved her, felt her pain.
Too long, too long; she hurt and hid,
And as we look, we fall insane.

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