Live in the Moment

October 21, 2007
By Puja Pandya, Hoffman Estates, IL

Back when we didn’t know the difference between wrong and right.
Back when we could finger paint, and have nap times at school.
Back when we didn’t judge people by how they looked.
Back when we didn’t hold grudges, when we didn’t hurt others.
Back then, we had lived in the moment.

Walking under the stars on a warm summer night
As a cool breeze flows through our hair
Smiles on our faces, having the time of our lives
While the light from the dimpled circle in the sky drifts upon us
We live our lives in the moment.

On a roller coaster at Six Flags with the air of anticipation surrounding us
Screaming at the top of our lungs, our hands flying in the air
Holding on with all our might as we spin upside down
Our hair in our eyes, expressions of terror pasted on our faces
We live our lives in the moment.

Walking in this blissful winter paradise
Our cheeks red from the bitter draft slamming into our faces
Snowball fights and sliding on ice, forget snowmen, we make our own igloos
Thunderous laughter fills the air as we fall into the snow
No matter what is happening, we live our lives in the moment.

You only have one shot at life
Live it up, be loud, show your personality; don’t ever regret anything you do

Let your hair hang down, wear pajamas out of the house and take chances
Nothing will ever beat days like these, these days, they are irreplaceable
Live your life in the moment, for the moment.

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