We're the broken

June 2, 2010
By RainbowsAndSafetyPins GOLD, Ladysmith, Wisconsin
RainbowsAndSafetyPins GOLD, Ladysmith, Wisconsin
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Be yourself, don't take anyones shit, and never let them take you alive.-Gerard way

Wounds that won't heal
Locks that won't heal
Minds won't forget
Let's make a bet
I won't make it to spring
So we must sing
Our song of woe and dread
In the form of razor blade kisses
I'm sure they won't miss us
We were never that popular anyway
And the things they would say
Behind our backs
Because they think we lack
Common sense and other things
And they think we're not listening
But truly
We're sinking deep down
Without a sound...
Scarlet rivers hide our deepest scars
Hidden from view, locked behind bars
Is a heart so black and blue
There is nothing left to do
Just throw me away
Leave no stray

The author's comments:
Most teachers don't see there students. They don't see pain. They see grades and a number. Maybe if your lucky a name. They say that bullying needs to be stopped. But then they become the bully. And they don't notice the kids who have sunk so far from reality...from life. But i guess, it's better to have someone with you in the darkness...

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on Aug. 10 2011 at 6:54 pm
secrets_of_silence GOLD, Gisborne, Other
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Favorite Quote:
life had i loved the more
had it but passed away
as quietly as the day
ebbs from the darkening star.

-emanuel litvinoff

im not sure whether i like the authors comment or the line "in the form of razor blade kisses"

its different. i think its the author comment

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