Dear Daughter

June 2, 2010
By zhicks23 BRONZE, Cincinnati, Ohio
zhicks23 BRONZE, Cincinnati, Ohio
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Dear Daughter
I know your young and want to be “on the scene,”
But I know what goes on at the age fourteen.

You’re starting to have a thing for those older guys,
So when the walk by, you act seductive and bat your eyes.

And when you strike gold and they start to notice you,
After being around them for a while you’ll realize what they do.

You want a real relationship and you think you’re in love
But that is the last thing this guy is thinking of.

He’ll tell you that your beautiful, and take you out at night,
But he will try to take advantage of you if you don’t put up a fight

If you don’t agree with me you’ll just have to see for yourself,
But in time you’ll realize you don’t have to impress everyone else

Just be yourself and do what you do,
And I promise sweetheart, you’ll never be “uncool.”

The author's comments:
how ill treat my daughter

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