How does a color affect my soul?

October 20, 2007
How does a color affect my soul?
How could it carry such a large stereotypical judgment to my name?
How can a color effect my proclaim?
So that my stature could be misjudged in such a negative way.
I am a color.
Vibrant, pearling and unique.
My color is brightened by the sun rays.
But the sunlight is making my color weak.
The more sunlight I receive my color becomes gloomy.
And as the sunlight leaves
The presence of darkness is present to me.
I live day after day with this color on my skin.
I walk day after day with a false label within.
I live day after day with different colors of men.
Different colors that pretend
To also live the life of the color they’re in.
Again and again.
Your color is suppose to remind you who you have to act as if to be.
So the world of different colors can never see.
The Real
An individual of society.
A color of my own.
A color that can’t be seen.
A color unknown so that
You can see
For only me.
I dream to be more than just a color.
So I believe that
Life is about making your dreams into goals.
But yet I’ve shot numerous shots in society but I haven’t received a goal.
But I’ll most likely make it when I hinder society from making my color into my soul.

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