Let me go in

June 2, 2010
By Anonymous

I’m sick of everybody tellin’ me I’m a phony,
I’m GREAT like the tiger, Tony;
Cincinnati boy, pocket full of cheese conies,
Don’t come unless you bringin’ what you owe me,
I’m the one like Kenobi, Obi;
This is a one night stand, you don’t me,
I’m about to call you haters out phonies,
Five, One, Three, you know what it stands for,
Right when you think I’m dusty, I sandstorm;
What you think I got them polo and them pants for,
If Megan Fox come through, I gotta transform,
Let me go in,
Swamped in the money, let me dip toes in,
Watch lookin’ all frozen,
I’m a Trojan like Demar DeRozan,
Let me, let me go in.

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