June 2, 2010
By Brooke Arthur BRONZE, West Chester, Ohio
Brooke Arthur BRONZE, West Chester, Ohio
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I’m ready to leave,
this isn’t for me.
This sure is not my personality.
I can’t believe I lasted so long,
knowing that you are all wrong
I will not join in on this fake frenzy of yours.
I’ve changed for good,
now maybe you should.
Please get a grip on reality and move on,
And see that you were wrong.
In a year or two you’ll see what I mean,
regretting your part in that scene.
But when you find this out I won’t be there.
To bad you didn’t realize it sooner,
because I thought we could be close for awhile.
But it looks like it was a mistake to even think it.
I didn’t realize how badly you treated me till now,
yet I still can’t completely let go somehow.
I don’t understand why,
Because there’s plenty of times I’ve been caught up in your lies.
But now that I look back on all that’s happened,
And thought it all through.
I know I’m for sure done with you.

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