Fearful Surprises

May 17, 2010
By LevinaMichelle GOLD, Port Isabel, Texas
LevinaMichelle GOLD, Port Isabel, Texas
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Dark and compacted
A square florescent light flickers rampantly
The smell of oil and exhaust fumes wavers in the air
Nothing is heard but my own rasped breathing

Lethargically I look for the blue mass of imported metal
Dig for the keys
And walk across the vast hall of cement
The sound of my Gucci heels echoes like infinite ghost

As my mass of blue comes into view
The vivid image of his face peeking out the window
Slaps my mind
My pace increases

I then think of all the cases of them
Just sitting in the back
For unsuspecting souls

The destination has arrived
Purse clutched in hand
Pale white hand on the handle
I peer into the window

Forgetting that my windows are tinted
I back off and open the door
Look into the back
Expecting to find a lifeless being

A sight of long abated stress flows out
And muscles crank the engine
How foolish of I

My mind wanders
Just for kicks, I glace in the mirror
But what beseeches my vision is not just a joke
Blood shot eyes stare back

The are not mine
And before I can panic
A cloth glides over my face

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