October 20, 2007
Shall I compare thee using a sonnet?
I don’t know with what, but I’ll surely try.
You see, I’ve been assigned to write this, but
I cannot rhyme, and I just can’t say why.
I’m more a free-verse type girl, to tell truth;
Lines should be flowing, not constricted, bound;
Rhythm and rhyme make them seem so uncouth.
Or, at least, that’s what I seem to have found.
Verse written rhyming just seems so contrived,
But maybe it’s me; the rest’s poems seem fine.
It’s only mine that end up so deprived
Of rhythm that’s normal, much less divine.
I guess in conclusion, I’d like to say
My poem ended as a swing and a miss.
Poetry must be inspired; that way,
It won’t end up sounding somewhat like this.
So I’ll leave you with just one final thought:
This line does not rhyme with any others.

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