I wrote a poem for you

October 20, 2007
By Kayla Sheridan, Reno, NV

for You, because
You see my perfections,
yet somehow overlook my faults
helping me uphold a pretense of infallibility.
You almost make me believe flawlessness is possible.
You say you love me,
love everything about me
but you have an insouciance that I could never hope to have.
that shouldn't frighten me
but it does.
I love You.
one thought of you can make me float,

drifting on clouds,

(even if my feet stay planted)
I love you,

but something stops my mouth,
binds my wrists.
it's silken, vaporous, but it's there
holding me back.
and the farther I stretch toward you,
the tighter the knots,
until I'm bound to my fear
tighter than you could ever hold me.

and I've got nothing left to reach you with.

You have to read it in my eyes.

it's Your dark eyes that see more in me
than I could ever perceive myself
You tell me I'm beautiful
(You make me feel beautiful)
i'll never understand you
i'll never deserve you
and I can't bear You, because I'll never reach
the glowing image I have in Your mind
but I'll never stop loving you.
did you know
that you have the most gorgeous hands?
they draw me in
Just to sit there, follow you with my eyes. I could watch forever
and all I want is for you to hold me with those hands, mold me, love.
Like clay.
I love you, but
love is like clay
it doesn't end up right at first.
it can't
but if You keep working with it,
You'll end up with something beautiful
and You tell me I'm beautiful
and I love You,
because, despite it all, You are me
and I am You
whether we're ready for it or not.

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