Sometimes I can’t even find the words

October 20, 2007
By rebecca hamel, Belchertown, MA

Sometimes I can’t even find the words
To tell you how I truly feel
Even if I told you I loved you
It doesn’t seem to be enough
Even though I know its real
Its almost as if
You hold my heart in your hands
Everywhere you go I’m with you
And if you fall I fall too
I hold you within me
And the other way around
I can watch you’re ever move
And hear your every sound
I know what you want
And how you feel
I know how to make you better
So you can heal
I love knowing everything about you
And knowing you make me smile
All those times I’m sad
Its you I turn to for a while
You tell me what’s good in life
And all that makes me well
You were always there
All those days to pick me up when I fell
You were there to make me better
And to hold me when I was sad
You were there to make me happier
Even when I was mad
I love having someone
Who cares about me as much as you
Its made me happier than I’ve ever been
But that you knew
Each night I sleep
With you on my mind
And finally I found the love
I’ve been dreaming to find

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