tick tock goes the clock

October 20, 2007
tick tock goes the clock..closer to twelve, closer to naught

I'm falling leaving resversing
As i fall out of control, the closer i come the stronger it's pull. light, or lighter like the dawn it was, then it came. like a storm it came. as i gained and gained and it did not stop. I wanted to scream! they turned me from delicate to square, warm in heart to cold in spirit. more distant from the light..less it means. Promises. health,happiness,
normalcy ring hollow, their's empty why should mine be
filled? Release calls to me, growing more powerful with my time in the night. winter comes gathering strength, quater now five to midnight. sustenance you evil you friend. love beauty joy, they do not look like me! will they ever find me?!? love unto me? i think not so what hope still lingers? Can you see the real me? behind this clever guise, in the shadow it lurks, preying, hunting, hurting. Can i save me? who will? few tie exsist to here, to now. would, shall it hurt? hopefully quickly quietly i slip out of the room full of people who don't see the scars on my arms the scars on my soul. I've held out this long. My reslove weakens, TIME. it turns short.
tick tock the clock strikes twelve, times is up....

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