Our Cup of Tears

October 20, 2007
By Tyler Marts, Colorado Springs, CO

Put all of our tears
In a big glass cup
Until it overflows
And we'll break up.
And as we break the glass
Ull break my heart
But ill just go find
Another romance to start
And again we will fill
Another cup of tears.
Forever you'll have them
For all of your years.
But don't be afraid
Don't back down
"The one" is there
He'll be around
But always be ready
So you don't miss the chance
For that beautiful
Beautiful, romance.
And if its not me
I understand
But ill make the attempt
Ill take your hand.
Until we both realize
Were not for each other.
And well walk away
In search of another.
And well start
Another cup,
And again
Well fill it up.
Only to have,
Another glass, another heart
With only the hope of another beginning,
Only the hope of a whole new start.

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