For Whom the Sirens Scream

October 20, 2007
By Sarah Ngu, Irvine, CA

"Fire Department?"
"Yes, Captain Jack Dill speaking."
I'm calling to ask if the ambulances' sirens have to be so loud?
Who's responsible for starting this ruckus anyway?
Not my family, and we're losing sleep because they're so loud."
"So? We have to sleep well so my husband and I can do well
at work and our kids too in school so that we'll be promoted
and our kids can go to good colleges and then get good jobs and be promoted!"
"Then we will live well!
"And then?"
"What do you mean 'And then?' "
"What happens next?"
"Then...we die?"
"Yes. So do not ask for whom the sirens scream;
they scream for you."

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