The Things My Keyboard Knows

May 29, 2010
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Well this is a harsh snap back to reality,

This is going to be the cause of my fatality.

I don’t know if I can go back to this tonight,

But I suppose it’s the only thing that makes these words of mine ignite.

I cannot have this state of mind last,

So I’m just going to write about you until this storm has passed.

Because when I’m doing this, I put everything else aside,

It’s like these thoughts have caused peace, worldwide.

But there I go dreaming again,

I don’t think that will ever occur,

If it hasn’t by now, then when?

But I’ll die before forever, so I will never be sure.

So, I’ll get back to the cause of all this madness,

Just a boy sitting here, trying to get rid of his sadness,

If I haven’t by now, then when?

But like I said, I’ll die before forever, so I’ll have to have faith within.

If only I could show you these, well that would really change things,

Maybe it could put an end to all of these one night stands and flings.

Because all I really want is your love,

But the problem is you seem to think that’s what I’m unworthy of.

So I suppose, I’ll just keep on with my imagination,

And continue to hide all of my frustration,

Well at least from you,

But contrary wise, my keyboard knows me through and through.

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