October 20, 2007
By Moriah Carlisle, Chuluota, FL

As I sit up on that green luscious hill on a bright summers day.
Nothing but me and lone-some-ness in the month of may.
The flowers are growing the river is flowing.
Not to far but flow it does.
The warm sunlight touches my cheeks and makes my blush.
I sit there and listen for my enemy.
He or she is beastly.
My mind snaps back into reality.
Now I remember that day in December.
I remember that day so long ago.
I felt so aglow that day.
But my excitement was forever ago.
Since I rmebered that day in may.
Such a beutiful day in the middle of a war.
But that war was not afar from where I was.
But that is like saying twas the night before Christmas.
But I guess thats how my story came out.
Not a doubt in my mind.
But I leave all that behind and shine in my new life.

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