Alcohol Abuse

May 28, 2010
By Alexis Vongphrachanh BRONZE, Haltom City, Texas
Alexis Vongphrachanh BRONZE, Haltom City, Texas
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Some people support drinking alcohol. They say that if it makes you happy then it's okay. Maybe they're only supporting it because they feel that they NEED alcohol. But they don't need the alcohol as
much as they think they do. People are strongly supporting this toxic chemical, but I am not one of hem. I don't believe that alcohol is okay or good for you.

Most people believe that since alcohol makes you feel happy it can't possibly be bad for you. They automatically think it's okay just because they think you can swallow al of your worries by drinking alcohol. They think that the only effect is the hangover you have the next day, but there are many more effects of drinking alcohol. Alcohol is actually adding to your worries. You're not in complete control
of your actions when you're drunk. And because of this, many people die or are killed in accidents that are caused because of someone being intoxicated. "In 2006 more than 19% of drivers ages 16 to 20
who died in motor vehicle crashes had been drinking alcohol.1" People don't think that their actions affect other peoples' lives, but their choosing to drink might just end someone else's life. "Many people
blame Princess Diana's death on the paparazzi, but they were only part of the cause of her death. At the time her driver was drunk, and that caused him not to think clearly. When they tested him , the results showed that he had criminal amounts of alcohol in his body. Since he was intoxicated he didn't think things through, and so he was part of the reason that Princess Diana died.2" When you choose to drink alcohol it always ends up afffecting somebody's life whether it is your own or somebody else's.
Every kid should grow up knowing their grandfather. They should get to hug him and feel his arms around them. Well, I've never felt that because unfortunately I've never even met my granfather. And I don't know a lot about him because no one likes to talk about him. My mom tells me that he was, and most likely still is, an alcoholic. He used to have a job and he was married, but all it took was one drink of alcohol to get him hooked. My mom only knew him as an alcoholic because when she was born he was already addicted. She was never able to have a birthday party because on his birthday and for some strange reason he seemed to drink more on his birthday. So every year when it was her birthday she cane home to broken dishes on the floor and her dad passed out on the couch. And so eventually they all got tired of the way he acted, so they offered him to either get some help or lose his family. And he decided to keep the alcohol over his own family. It's strange to see something you are addicted to over something you once loved. Why would you want to do something that could be the cause of your death? When you choose to drink, the alcohol affects the way you think and act. "It also affects your brain. You'll have shorter memory span and blackout often. And everything will be more difficult to learn.3" Is it alll worth it? Risking your life for something that you THINK will bring you a little happeness? It does more bad than good. So all I can hope is that you don't throw your life away.

I know people think that alcohol will make everything better, but it won't. After you choose to drink, things get worse. So I hope you'll help me stand up against alcohol, and help me encourage people to think about their actions. This toxic chemical is not good for you, or okay. When you drink you are affecting other people besides yourself.

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