Meet My Jeans

October 20, 2007
By Justin Tressler, Jerome, PA

Hey, hey, hey!
I'm your average pair of American Eagle jeans
Medium blie, small hole and torn, paint looking stains
On the upper thigh.

You dont have to look at his butt
To see that I am the coolest jeans around
I'm slightly worn
And have that not just brought from the store stiffness
But not the so worn Im falling apart look either.

I fit comortably
Im the not look at me. Yo yo my pants
Are falling down, like my undies? Type but not the oh my gosh! I'm a guy in girls pants on either.

I'm not THAT expensive
Your dad doesnt have to be a brain surgeon to buy these
And yeah, I know he's not because if he was he would have fixed your brain a long time ago!

Just for the record
Unlike all your other clothes, yea they will be out of style (Some already are), Justin will still have me, the ebst jeans,
For as long as my stiches stay together.

And I'm not mean
Cmon! Give me some slack... You don't have to
Be a miracle worker trying to make this kid look good! Its hard work! Peace out!

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