Deceiving Deception

May 27, 2010
By BlackSnowGirl BRONZE, Buffalp, New York
BlackSnowGirl BRONZE, Buffalp, New York
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We are always taught
That lying is bad
That lesson has been for naught
Yet it doesn’t make me sad

For without lies
There would be no truth
So is that not a lie
That we tell our youth

Some tell lies
To shield the soul form pain
So by telling that lie
There is much to gain

And not all lies are what they are
Some are merely half truths
Meaning they are not far
From being the whole truth

I am not saying that lying is good for you
I am saying it is not bad for us
Because I give credit where due
And my word you can trust

The author's comments:
I had just finished a book on lying when I wrote this poem.

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