May 27, 2010
By Leana BRONZE, Perris, California
Leana BRONZE, Perris, California
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For tonight-
No poetry seems right
Every ounce of me
is out of harmony.
My body is weak
Mmind is fatigued
My heart beat
has uncertain heat
And I don't know why
But I really want to cry
To run away
-face my troubles some other day
Staying here means only fear
But sill I shan't shed a tear
No first place prize
No hunky guys
No more happy song
To carry you all day long
My mind is restless
My thoughts, relentless
Grades slipping
Mind slipping
Hammer wielding
-"Set needs building!"
"Swim a faster pace
Keep it up for the long race!"
Hear the coaches yelling
Hear the parents telling
Keep your friends at bay
At least an arm's distance away
See your mistake
But still feel the heartache . . .

The author's comments:
This piece was inspired after a long losing streak. I was swimming every day as well as rehearsing for theatre daily. I had been denied to two colleges, had lost a swim race, and did not do well in a theatre competition. Things have turned around since then, but at the time, my feelings were pretty bleak.

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