May 26, 2010
By blob2121 GOLD, Cockeysville, Maryland
blob2121 GOLD, Cockeysville, Maryland
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I know of only one duty, and that is to love.

The seat is taken.

A sigh is heaved,
Missing when it was difficult to breathe.

Eyes close to a dim pink screen.
The lids clench,
Trying to hold what seem to be dreams.

Was that synergy?
Why does it fade so quickly?
Was it a mistake?
Was it only a product of novelty?

Doubt closes in and begins to smother.
Must escape the closing regret.
Or perhaps stay and see what is uncovered.
Let go and fall into the darker depths.
See what can truly be suffered.

Yes, descend into what is looked down upon.
See if the abyss has an end.
If so, then finally see how far despair can be drawn.
If not, then eternally fall and watch magnitude blend.
Watch as pain fades and then is gone.
Look on and continuously "descend".

And as it fades the absence is what weighs,
Weighs on the body, the mind and the soul.
When the body aches, it turns to the mind and asks for aid.
When the mind cracks, it turns to the soul on mere faith.
If the soul cracks all meaning strays.
And thus emptiness takes its toll.
And the warmth of essence turns cold.

Crushed by repercussions of a passing reflection.

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