In The Dark

May 26, 2010
By Anonymous

She sits in the dark
Wondering why
Why God made her this way
Addicted to the knife
That could end her life
One more cut
And she could say goodbye
her friends walked out the door
The night she lay bleeding on the floor
The rumors spread
As she walked the school halls alone
The outsider with a gun in her hand
She'd take that bullet if she had the chance
Late nights
With herself she fights
Her heart says to walk away
Her soul says to end this way
She is dead before sunrise
Her so called friends, they cried
They said they had no clue
The girl, she faces God with sullen eyes
He sends her away, down into earth
For eternity she sits in the dark
And wonders why

The author's comments:
This piece is dedicated to all the teens out there who have struggled with depression and self harm in any way. I want you to read this and always remember there's another way, I made it through and you can too. Don't end up in an eternity of darkness. Here's the thing, depression is temporary (I promise it is), suicide is permanent (no second chances).

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