May 26, 2010
By Niamh Radosavjevic BRONZE, Southampton, Other
Niamh Radosavjevic BRONZE, Southampton, Other
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I walk into the club
I don't know where to go
All my friends are doing drugs
Serves them right if they feel low

I go to the bar
And order a drink
“3 for 2 on cocktails”
Says the barman with a wink

I ask for some vodka
And some beer and some wine
I slug it all back
And I'm out of my mind

I stumble to the dance floor
And look for my mate
My mum wants me home
And I'm going to be late

My pulse is throbbing
I don't know where I am
“Stop Drinking” yells my friend
I don't think I can

I stagger outside
Into the street
My head is spinning
And my knees are weak

“I want to go home”
I sadly stutter
And I tumble over and lie
Quite dead in the gutter

I came back as a ghost
To haunt the city
I was only 19 when I died....
Such a pity

So here's my message:
Even though it feels nice
Think before you drink
Or you'll pay the price

The author's comments:
I just generally think drink-driving is awful and more people should be made aware of it.

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