The Teenager

October 19, 2007
By kiera smith, Akron, OH

This girl is tall and skinny,
With the look of an angel,
With a style her very own,
With baby dimples in her friendly face.

She goes to school eight hours a day,
Loving every moment she had that day,
Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday,
Church is her life,
Without it she just might be loss.

With her camera in her pocket,
Have it everyday,
She love to have the power that it hold,
To captures all the peaceful moment of time,
With a picture she able to stop time,
That she visits everyday,
With all the love and joy,
And all the sorrow and pain in one’s life,
She love that power that she holds.

She classified as a teenager,
They look at her as a young adult,
But she act like she FIVE,
She try very hard to act her age and it show.

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