Anonymous Tears

October 19, 2007
By Lauren Ellman, Hillsdale, NJ

Half days are usually blissful,
getting out of school early,
being able to do whatever is wanted,
usually makes everyone’s day.
But to one girl, it was not;
Having no friends in that school.
even after two years,
means no where to go,
Someone’s mother took pity,
and offered to give her a ride home,
to spare her the two and a half mile walk.
Graciously she accepted the ride,
but the child of the mother wasn’t as kind,
throwing nasty looks and bad words back.

When the girl got home,
after thanking the mother profusely ,
she walked into her house.
She sighed at the peace,
Mother wasn’t home.
Then panic began to set in,
if mother wasn’t home was something wrong?
Did she do something wrong?
Was she supposed to be somewhere?
To meet her mother somewhere?
Was she?
To her knowledge she was fine,
but then again
her knowledge has never gotten her far.

She sat down at the kitchen table
pulling together a snack.
Placing her homework on the table,
starting it she sighed.
An hour later her phone rang,
Where was she?
Why wasn’t she here?
Mother had gone to pick her up from school,
but she had gotten a ride, so Mother was alone,
and angry.
Never a good combination.

Mother was on her way home,
speeding no doubt.
Ready to yell-
To scream-
To hurt-
The door slammed open,
she was still doing homework quietly/

Mother walked over picking her up
by her hair.
The scalp shrieking in fiery pain,
thrown against the wall,
her spine groaned in protest.
Mother screamed about wasting
Her time,
And time-

She apologized,
not accepted.
Mother slapped her,
she ran outside
with only her cell phone,
the clothes on her back,
and the sweatshirt she had grabbed
by the door,

She flipped open her phone-
full power.
She called Father,
Father said to just wait it out until he got home,
in four hours,
Father was no help.

She sat outside, hiding-
Happy children walked by
going home,
they had a home.

She called almost everyone
in her contact list,
no one answered,
No one ever answers.
She sat with tears streaming
down her pale fragile face,

turning purple from her Mother’s abuse.
Was that what it was?
It’s not like anyone believed the child,
with all the problems,
and fears,
and irrationalities
surrounding her.
No one believed her.

She jumped as the phone vibrated
against her jean pockets.
She cried hello into the phone,
on the other end
the worried friend comforted,
but did not question,
until the girl spilled what had happened.
The whole story-
with all the gory details

After two hours
of constant talking,
the phone beeped, dying.
She decided to try to go inside her home.
Her friend wished her luck,
and gave her hope
in facing her biggest fear.

“How was your day sweetie?”
Mother asked when she walked inside
“Fine, yours?”
“Oh just perfect”
Mother smiled
The girl went upstairs,
hiding from the world.

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