May 29, 2010
By hannahdabeast SILVER, Tampa, Florida
hannahdabeast SILVER, Tampa, Florida
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When I was a little girl
My mother gave me a gift
She said to open it when
My soul needed a lift
My mother died five years past
My soul, it seemed, was built to last
But for some reason it broke today
I needed something to make me okay
So I found the box, nestled carefully
Amongst my mother's memories
I opened it up, and how could I know?
That a thousand butterflies would put on a show
They surrounded me around the room
Chasing out my lasting gloom
Raising my spirit up and up
Filling full my empty cup
The dragged me up into the sky
I've never soared before so high
I lifted my head up and laughed and laughed
I giggled, I sang, I grinned, I clapped
Eventually my fluttery friends
Admitted the day was at an end
They set me down upon the ground
The same place I was at first found
They left in a streak of color and light
Such a sweet, amazing sight
And though the butterflies are long gone
The memory of them will linger on

The author's comments:
My mom is not dead or anything, I just was inspired to write this.

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