May 29, 2010
By hannahdabeast SILVER, Tampa, Florida
hannahdabeast SILVER, Tampa, Florida
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It's been months and months
Years and years
I can not remember
You lying near
I can't remember your body
I can't see your face
I don't remember the passion
The way my heart raced
When I think of your name
All I feel is an ache
Like a scar on my heart
Where there once was a break
You're something once real
That's now only a dream
I once spoke this language
I don't know what it means
I beg for your body
I scream for your voice
I'm losing my mind, but
I don't have a choice
I stand at the window
Tearing at the wind
With my words, saying,
"Memory! Please let me in."
I'm losing my conscious
Like water through sand
How can there now be a whisper
Where there once stood a man?
I wade through my thoughts
Seas uncharted or known
I don't know how to deal
With being so alone

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