A Walk in The Park

October 19, 2007
By John Zeitoun, Hillsdale, NJ

It felt like just an ordinary day in my town,
Such a small and cute town where literally nothing happens,
And in the park, the grass is always dead,
But as I walked through today, it was as green like a tree in autumn.

I remember this day so well,
The sky was pink and the doves were in the park and all in the sky,
Children were playing and laughing in the park,
I have never seen children play at this abandoned place.

A suddenly glance turned into a tornado of feelings,
I tasted the girl’s love in my mouth, so sweet and pure like eating raw sugar,
After always hearing about stories of love, I had never experienced it first hand,
But it was this moment, this very moment that would change my life for good.

Love is latent,
You never know if love is truly there,
Wearing glasses won’t let you see it,
But you can feel it and after you feel it you finally know it’s there.

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