Be Less Attentive

October 19, 2007
By Annie Levitt, River Vale, NJ

The taste of morning was getting stronger,
As the sound of the sun rising was getting louder.
She knew she had to get up and dressed but she just didn’t want to.
She could see the coldness outside of the confines of her blanket.
She could hear the coldness daring her to take the covers off.
She is a drama queen and makes everything into
A bigger deal than it needs to be.
She can’t even wake up without creating a production.
A lot of the time she convinces herself that she’s the victim –
“Why does it have to be so cold when I wake up?”
As if the universe has nothing better to do than make her shiver.
Most people don’t like her because she can come off as self-centered,
But she’s too busy getting her nails done to notice.

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