October 19, 2007
one kid looks up

dreaming of how his

life is going to work out

the bell rings

as he looks at his teacher give me,
your paper Todd,’’said Mrs. math teacher.
he looks down at his,
test and thought .”
i just barely started,
then i look at her again
she said you are going to,
be late for your next class
so i got up handed her my test
with a ‘mad sigh’ as she said
“Todd it time you have lisond”.
as she glared down at my test
and then i said to my self
my mom is going to kill me
because of that little pesty test
as he is walking down the slender
hall into the lunch room and then
he awakes to A HUGE BANG!
o my gosh!
as he looks at the time
on his watch and then said to him self,
what a hirable dream.” then
he looks at his cell what! it is time to go
to school.”

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