When I Saw You

October 19, 2007
When I saw you smile and nod
On that last hot day of school
Something deep inside of me screamed
And caused me to smile, too.

Just watching your mouth
In that strange little shape
Made an imprint
On my mind and heart

The bus was crowed
With happy faces waving
And yelling with delight
School was over
Summer had just begun

The sun beamed down
On the leathery bus seats
Warm on my back,
Good to the touch

The music blasted,
The beat still in my mind,
As the seniors planned a party
To finally get rid of this school
They asked you
If you were a senior, too

You smiled and nodded
As you turned your head
Then looked at me
Those piercing blue eyes
Caused me to smile too

As you got off the bus
I realized
I would never see you again
Surely enough, I never did

I wish I could just talk to you
I always wonder where you are
But wherever you are
I want you to know

That I’ll never forget you
I’ll always dream about you
As you smiled and nodded on that
Perfect last day of school

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