where have you gone dad

October 19, 2007
where have you gone dad
why do i see you no more
why did you walk out of my life
and leave my heart this sore

will you walk me down the isle
if ever i am to be a bride
will you be there for me in my future dad
forever by my side

will you see your grandchildren
when i am to grow and have a family
will you still love me forever
or have you forgotten me

why did you hurt me dad
why did you bruise my mums body and heart
do you realize how painful it is
knowing we are so far apart

i miss you dad
where have you gone and will you ever come back to me
my heart hurts so much now your gone if only you could see

that whilst i cry with my head in my pillow i think only of you
i think of how much i miss you
oh what i would do

if i could have the old you back
i would try with my heart and my soul
if god can hear me now i wish he would
help me fill this empty hole

i need you in my life now
and i will need you in the future too
where have you gone dad
i really miss you

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