I look and see this girl in the mirror

October 18, 2007
I look and see this girl in the mirror,The look in her eyes is some terror
She sits there and stares, Like no one ever cares.
Is there a story in thoses eyes, Is it a story of our goodbyes.
Her eyes so big and blue, This part of her life so nasty but true.
She looks as if she will cry, I hope she dont just give her a try.
Looks as she hurts inside, She looks to run and hide.
The look of her pain, Can she just wash it down the drain.

The look she gives is so sad, She looks angrey and mad.
Theres nothing she can do, Something she wishes never came true.
Not so pretty no more, But theres enough to tell her heart is tore.
She looks confused cant make up her mind, Is she trying to find.
Herself in this place, All she sees is her own face.
Will she find what shes looking for, Or will she keep looking even more.
Happy she will be one day, When no one can ever say.
I wonder who she could be, When i looked closer i found me.

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