You will only live for a second

October 18, 2007
"You will only live for a second
All I can let you exist
This is the now
Now realize the reality of the threat...
You will never be alone,
I threaten to be there for you
On every level
People come and go
this though is true
that you will not have the chance
to feel this aloneness...
Your tears will never hit the floor
I threaten to catch every tear
never to cry on a simple pillow
but to find a true post of a shoulder
You will never fight
I threaten to be your soldier...
to stand on guard always
fight for your freedoms and voice
to be the friend that stands
trys and dies with each bullet
no matter how it finds direction
i will stand beside you
you will be happy
I threaten to make you smile...
to make you laugh
bubbling giggling that will make you hurt
tickling that makes you fall to your knees
personality that you will never forget
You will live
I threaten you with dreams...
that you will think big
dream bigger
meet more hopes in your life
I threaten to be a friend...
at the level that you can hope
that I can try
a voice an edge a might
to all of this
I threaten you with...

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