Chocolate Man

October 18, 2007
By Collin Reich, Park City, UT

A famished boy…
ripping at the covering
around his chocolate ice cream
as it carefully liquefies under the beating sun.

He witnesses the deflated
grimy soccer ball cutting through the air
like a missile…
homing in straight towards his lanky arms and fingers.
The boy grapples the deformed sphere…
without a hesitation or flinch of his agile body.

The ball is thrown high in the afternoon sky
to be smothered by a flailing foot
in the midst of a bicycle kick.
He twists and turns
forcing the ice cream to sludge gradually out of his cup… unnoticed
Finally he lands
only to realize that the chocolate treat had vanished
out of its plastic container.

His head turns towards the clouds
The frozen dessert descents dangerously fast out of the air
and crashes onto his face…
covering him…
from head to toe.

This unfortunate victim is now forever known as
Chocolate Man

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