A Connection Soul Deep

May 28, 2010
By MeccaTheTruthIs BRONZE, Glen Burnie, Maryland
MeccaTheTruthIs BRONZE, Glen Burnie, Maryland
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Love is life

We connecton a higher level as if our bodies and sould were one,
That boy that he is removes all my pain and sorrows and replaces it with love,passion, and true feelings from the heart,
When I see dark clouds looming ahead they are swept from my path by the power of his gaze,
Sweet nothing's whispered and hearts intertwined so deeply they could never be pulled apart,
Still we fuss and argue scream and shout,
We can't escape one another though we may try,
When we finally say it's over we reattract like magnets,
Bliss filled kisses and eye's never missing,
Strong arms to carry me,
Though we both stumble and tremble with the force of our attraction,
Let Go...
I can't you won't let me,
I run sometimes but in my mind I am begging you to chase me,
Up and Down we go and around and around with the same conclusion every time,
I say go you say no I say leave you say please...never let me go,
We move as one and can't help but smile into the sun,
You need me I am your light your air and that thing wothout you cannot bear,
You are my strength, my gaurdian, my reason for why I smile though no funny statement made,
We are and have always had a connection Soul Deep.

The author's comments:
Love pure and untainted love.

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