Gulls Unon Then Beach

May 28, 2010
By Writer_for_Chist BRONZE, Center Point, Alabama
Writer_for_Chist BRONZE, Center Point, Alabama
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As I look around,
All that I can see
Are millions of gulls confound
And crouded by the sea

I try to get them out
Out of my head for good
I see a few fly out
O, how I wish i could

Now closer come the tide
And I know not where to run
We all try to find a pace to hide
Lest, this be how our lives ar done.

Then I ee two spots
To where we may escape
One was a bunch of slippery rocks
the spot most others take

The other was a tree
On the other side of the sea
Few whent there, see
To get there wasn't easy

As I studied mor
Soon I began to see
The long distance from the shore
Repelled them from the tree

Now I must deside
Because I can not wait
Which place should I hide?
Before it is too late!

I started toward the rocks
But by a friend I got stopped
He said too dengerous on the rocks
But to go where few have flocked

He told me to drop my things
I asked "What's the need?"
"Because those things are bad."
Was his reply to me

He told me to fly
And tell others along the way
To follow me into the sky
And not to be swept away

Although few come with me
And the hardships I had took
On my way in to the tree
Riticule is what I took

Then I finally got there
To my spot in the tree
Those on the rocks began to rot
For me to save them was their plee

I tried my best to warn them
But corrupt things they treasure
Alothough their ending may be grim
I shall now live forever

The author's comments:
This is another metaphor which is about the Cristian's battle of trying to get saved and trying to get others saved as well!

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