I wish

May 28, 2010
I wish this burning pain would go away.
It's been there since my cousin Kieth died.
You no i cried
You say he's in a better place
but still i want him here
so my happiness can reappear
He was like a brother
And to his mother
he was like no other.
He had a positive mind
Because God touched him and made him fine.
He had a lot of self-confidence
and wasn't cocky
He just was going to be who he wanted to be
and that touched me, greatly
I believe that i am positive because of him
I'm the flower and he was my stem
He taught me a lot
That's who he legacy to me with never be forgot
He was a christian
In school he paid attention
That's why he had a lot of Knowledge and even went to college
Witch is where he died
God know i just cried and cried and cried.
He fell of of a 3 story college window.
"Why" is the most common question asked but the least question answered.
Lord, just please answer why.
Why did he have to die and make so many people cry, lord why.
His mother was and still is in pain.
Her tears are like rain.
I wish he was here
So her rain would be clear
He's in a better place
even though it's extremely hard to embrace.
I just want him here
i want this tear to become a cheer.
i want this pain that is breaking me down
to be turned around
I loved and respected him with all my heart and mind
I followed him cause he was a worthy leader
and not a lair, cheater or stealer.
He wasn't evil, sick or biter
He was Kieth **** ****
In this isn't a myth.
after living for 21 year he just died in a day,
do the good die young
Why can't he be here!
Why can't i see him!
I wish i could here his voice
i would absolutely rejoice
He could've been
He would've been
but his life came to and end
Lord i wish it had not.
I wish

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cmoney1996 said...
Jul. 1, 2010 at 4:38 pm
This was an excelent poem i can't believe anyone your age and creast something like this you made me feel the way you felt when your cousin died, sorri to gear about your lost and great job continue writing please
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