A Father's Departure

May 28, 2010
He kissed his wife goodbye,
told his daughters to behave,
Then off to work he went
to face another day.
His daughters were upset
his wife maintained a smile,
but she soon left the room
to hide the sadness for a while

“I’ll see my girls tonight”
and then shot out the door.
he was happy with his lot
and could not hope for any more
the streets were very busy.
He honked, then yelled, then cursed.
Nothing ever changing
be that good or for the worse
inside was a desk
and on it was his name,
he smiled a friendly greeting.
His coworker echoed the same
his life was mired in routine.
Out the window he would gaze
and dream of leaving the big city
away from New York’s bustling ways.
Suddenly he heard the engine
it shook the window pane
his eyes grew wide from horror
when he saw the low flying plane.

She dressed her kids in black,
and prepared to face the day
only once did she step out
to keep the tears at bay.

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